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~** IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!!!!**~

Hey guys...welcome to my site....where you will find all my shoutouts, my favorites (including music..movies..books..etc) I will be updating as much as ya....

Hey guys this is where you can put all your suggestions and comments...and to be sure I will see them they go straight to my email address so put whatever you would like to say, suggest, or ask right here....have fun

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Josh A.K.A MY baby- I want to say hey to my baby and thank him for all that he has done for me and for always loving me no matter what....he knows I will always love matter what.....I love you baby
Britt-Hey there sis...I just wanted to say thanx for all you have done for me and for putting up with all my crap...ur the bestest sister ever....I love ya
Momma- Hi momma thanx for being there for me and giving me all the good advice that you do because it helps me....I love you very muches momma....
Meggy-Thanx for always being there for me to make me smile and make me have a good are a very good friend and I hope one day I will be like you....well ur humor
DAD- hey dad I just wanted to say sorry for everything I have put you through...thanx for always being there for me and helping me through hard times.....I guess I can learn to share you with Lori if thats who you want to be you dad.....
I also wanna say hey to all my friends back home in narcoossee...whats up everyone????
And all my friends at Windy Hill...thanx for being so welcoming and I am sorry for all the beef we had Amanda...

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