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~** IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!!!!**~

~** IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!!!!**~

All about me

WOW what can I say about me????
Well  I can start off by saying that I am 14 years old and in the 9th grade...very proud of myself for that
I love to listen to music when I am bored...or even when I am not bored....
I have alot of favorites
(which are on my favorites page)
5'4 (or sumthing like that)
Strawberry blonde hair
I am very white....
I live in Montverde, Florida
(this town sux stay away from here as much as possible)
No but seriously this place is ok cept all the guys that wanna holla when ur walking down the road...or when u start hanging wit the wrong crowd...that's where my problems are at....
Guys aren't really a problem for me I meet a lot of guys but there is only one person that I wanna be with and that guy is my baby him with all my heart and will never ever leave him... 

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