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~** IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!!!!**~


This is where you will find all of my favorites and all things cool out here where I live....(in the middle of nowhere) 

1. Color: black and hot pink
2. Food: pizza rolls...LOVE EM
3. Fast Food: Micky Ds
4. Candy: payday
5. Beverage:MOUNTAIN DEW
6. Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie dough or mint chocolate chip
7. Sport: Football
8. Animal: cat
9. Type of Music: rock or heavy metal....
10. Radio Station:106.7,101.1, 105.9
11. Song: remedy or a love to let you down
12. no not really.....I dunno
13. Actor/Actress: chad micheal murray 
14. Month: month......
15. TV Show: dave chapelle show...thanx to Josh
16. Store: Old Navy, Wal Mart, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Billabong, Roxy
17. Scent: Tommy Girl and Cucumber melon!
18. Brand: Roxy, Billabong
19. Board Game: I don’t like any of em
20. CAr TRUCK!: Ford or chevy
21. Movie: Napolian Dynamite, 13

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